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This assignment has the text pages for each question attached. Please, check the attached files. Answers put together not more than 3 pages with questions and not less than 2 page without questions.

1.      Student Diversity, Chapter 4

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Reread text p. 92 “Implications of Socioeconomic Diversity for Teachers”. Describe 3 ideas for how can avoid the “self-fulfilling prophecy of low expectations” this can be applied to SES, ethnic, or gender issues. Feel free to creative- use your ideas or adapt from text.

2.      Gardner’s Theory of Intelligence

Tell which Gardner’s 8 you feel are your top 2 strengths. Justify your choices with examples of school subjects/assignments/projects that you found most beneficial/enjoyable.

3.      Behavioral Learning:

From your own personal educational history, name and describe a specific reinforcer or punisher you recall a teacher using to influence your behavior and briefly tell its effect on you (e.g. behaviorally, emotionally, etc.) Be sure to tell what kind of reinforcer or punisher it was in behavioral theory terms.  

4.      Cognitive Learning

From your personal educational experience and using vocabulary from chapter 6, name and describe a cognitive strategy that you recall being taught and what it helped you learn.