What is Morality Subjective?

Why is Morality Subjective?

First, That question supposed to dwell on Philosophy?

Second, Religion and Beliefs are prerequisite for Morality

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Third, It is subjective because, what is considered morality depends on the collective beliefs of a Religion or a Cult. Behaviors and Actions that are accepted or practiced by a certain group of believers, Are identified as moral for that certain group.

However, What is considered Moral for a certain group of people, might not be accepted or considered as Moral for another group of believers.

Example: A specific religious group considers Polygamy as Moral and acceptable, as long as you are able to provide, however a different religious group, who practice monogamy, considers Polygamy as immoral and outrageous.

In Simple term, Morality is Subjective, because is varies from one group of individuals to another.