Assignment Details:

The deliverable length for this assignment is 2–3 paragraphs. 

Assignment: The scientific world can agree that physically, humans have not evolved much from the time of the Pleistocene Era. In short, our basic human form has not changed in hundreds of thousands of years. Thus, we live in a time where we receive our adult bodies in late childhood/early adolescence, but we are not considered adults by society until our late teens and early 20’s.

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  • What specific issues do adolescents encounter because of the mix-match in physical and psychological maturity? 
  • How do some of those issues impact self-esteem or relationships? 
  • Many television shows today portray teens in adult situations. Are those portrayals accurate or exaggerated? 
  • What should television networks do (if anything) to portray teens in an accurate light and help them cope with their adult bodies and developing minds?