Assignment –

your Action Plan will focus on formally presenting your topic for your integrated project for approval.

Your Topic Proposal Action Plan should include the following elements:

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  • List the four courses from your program that will serve as the subject matter focus for your integrated review. (4 points)
  • Define/describe a topic from each of the four courses (approximately 1 sentence each). (5 points)
  • Describe the overarching theme of your integrated paper and how the four topics described above relate to each other under this overarching theme (approximately 2-4 paragraphs total). (16 points)

Topic I choose-

PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder)

Classes I choose-

PSYC515- Social Psychology

PSYC590- Contemporary issues in Psychology

PSYC630- Crisis and Emergency Intervention

PSYC526- Psychopathology