You run the intake department of the only mental health clinic in a sparsely populated rural area. One day the police bring in a 29 year-old Caucasian male, stating that they’re not sure that jail is the right place for him, but they need to do something. They explain to you that your client has been seen in the same 1mile radius for several hours per day, every day, for the past 2 weeks. From the reports they collected, the client first appeared in the area at the beginning of that 2 week period. Reports indicated that he would approach people in the street or the local park and would begin to talk to them. Initially the client spoke extensively about “finding a way to progress” and the importance of human potential.

This quickly evolved to an apparent obsession over the urgency of “moving to a higher plain.” Over the course of the next week the client became more incomprehensible as he spoke faster and faster with more tangents and less coherence. He began to ask people to sponsor his church, claiming to be “an asset of the divine” and to “know the way.” He appeared to have boundless energy, constantly jumping from person to person with breaks only to use the restroom, sleep briefly, and occasionally eat. He worked to continuously solicit sponsorship from everyone in his path, day and night.

Eventually his narrative switched from being an asset of the divine to being an “agent of the divine.” The client continues to claim this title, explaining to you that he receives his instructions through a special device placed in his mind by Celine Dion. The device transmits the words of the “angel of mercy” directly into his conscious mind, and helps him to know what to do to help the righteous people survive the “great soul eating epidemic” started by Snookie.  What is the client’s most likely diagnosis? The diagnosis will be schizoaffective disorder p105, manic episode criteria is in page 124 and schizophrenia criteria is in page 99

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What evidence supports this conclusion? look at dsm and compare diagnosing criteria with client’s symptoms

What are the most relevant differential diagnoses to consider?bipolar disorder I 

What additional information could help you make a better differential diagnosis?

Paper should be a 3 page paper APA style.  email if any questions. dsm-5 attached.