I need three 200 words separate paragraphs that explain examples that were covered concepts in psych class.

I would like someone who is great with psyc class.  —>APA STYLE

The required textbook for this course is: 

  • Berger, K. (2014).  The Developing Person, Through the Life Span (9th ed.).   New York:  Worth. 

—-Each will need a minmunim of 200 words covering theories, examples of concepts covered in class.

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Behaviorism and tantrums,  nature-nurture question and prenatal development and birth, 

  •  Cognitive Development
  • Video on Demand: Chapter 7 – Psychosocial Development
  • Films on Demand: In the Beginning: Newborns and Their Environment
  • Films on Demand: Piaget’s Developmental Theory
  • Films on Demand: Mary Ainsworth Attachments. 
  •  “alternative” preschool 
  • examples of concepts covered in class can be recent cartoons, newspaper articles, song lyrics, something that happened in a movie or on a TV show, etc. For each entry, you need to

1)  describe the outside concept. This may involve posting a web link to an article or cartoon or simply a description of the TV show or news item.

2)  explain how this relates to a concept in class including defining the psychological terms.

3)  include a full reference for the outside example and your textbook.

Entries that do not sufficiently explain how the example relates to class will not receive full credit.  Entries that do not include a full reference of the source will not receive full credit.