How do syphilis and gonorrhea affect the reproductive system? Is there a cure for these diseases?

Both STIs can be treated and syphilis can cause infertility while gonorrhea can cause PID.

STIs-Sexually Transmitted Infections 1. Syphilis A. Details of Syphilis -a bacterial disease caused by having contact with a syphilis sore. B. Treatment -. proper treatment or the proper antibiotics must be given. If not, long term complications will occur. C. Effects 1.A -tumors -neurological problems/brain damage -heart problem -paralysis -blindness -HIV -death 1.Badditional effects for pregnant people -all the effects on 1.A -possibility of spreading the STI to the unborn child -possibility of bearing a stillborn/premature/low weight baby 2. Gonorrhea A. Details of Gonorrhea -. a common bacterial disease that occur in both sexes. B. Treatment – similar to Syphilis, proper treatment must be given or else long term complications will occur C.Effects -PID ( Pelvic Inflammatory Disease )for pregnant people -possibility of giving the disease to the child during delivery 3. Summary Syphilis and Gonorrhea are both treatable with the appropriate antibiotics. However, if treatment is not provided for right away, long term complications will happen and the treatment will not fix the damages done. These diseases are usually caused by unprotected procreation. Always use protection.

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