Initial Draft of Methods, Data Analysis, and Anticipated Results Sections

This assignment will form a building block for the final project by requiring you to write an initial draft of the methods, data analysis, and anticipated results sections of your paper.

Prompt: In Module Eight, you will submit an initial draft of your methods, data analysis, and anticipated results sections. The methods section should describe the participants to be studied and the methods to be utilized for the proposed research project. The data analysis section should discuss the basic plan for

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analyzing the data, and the anticipated results section should discuss the expected findings.

Please review the Final Project

Document for a detailed look at all of the elements that ultimately need to be included in these sections of your paper.

Your submission should include all of the following elements:

·Description of the participants you plan to use in your study (you will need at least seven PSY-510 and/or PSY-520 students to respond to your survey)

·Description of the materials that will be used in the study and why they are most appropriate for your proposal

·Description of the procedures that will be used to collect data and how they will address your research question

·Discussion of any ethical concerns you can foresee with the study and steps that could be taken to remedy them

·Explanation of the procedures you plan to use to prepare your raw data for analysis

·Explanation of the analytic procedures for analyzing data and how they will help obtain valid and reliable research results

·Description of which descriptive statistics will be most informative in answering your research question and why

·Discussion of how your proposed data analysis methods are ethical, as outlined by the APA’s principles and standards

·Prediction of your expected findings or anticipated results

Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This paper should be a minimum of four pages (not including cover page and references), and it should cite several peer-reviewed sources.