Article Review

find an article from a peer-reviewed journal related to professional psychology and some aspect of ethics.

Prepare a 2-page summary of the article in your own words including specifics regarding the overall purpose of the article. If this is a study explain the implications of the study for professional practice. It the article presents a theory or best-practice explain the relevance to ethical practice. Cite another study (a separate article) relevant to your selected article pointing out how it may extend or complement or argue a different point of view from the article you selected.

In your final few sentences giving your insights, tell the reader your overall impression of the article. How is the article relevant to human experience in general — family, community, suffering, peace, war, learning, survival, suffering, healing?

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Be sure to cite the article appropriately at the end of your review. For this 2-page article review you can use space & half or double-space, and format according to APA style. Your paper must have a title page and only two pages of content including the references.