Article Critique

The critique contains at least 3 pages of text as well as a title page, abstract page, and reference page (that only includes the citation of the article chosen).

The Christian worldview is integrated in the critique. (If you leave this piece out, or are too ‘peripheral’ in your analysis, points will be deducted).

The paper is to be in current APA format.

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The critique includes a succinct abstract detailing an in-depth summation of the article.

The first 1½ pages address the content of the article (The Summary—this will be your first heading), and second 1½ pages address your critical thoughts on the content (The Critique—this will be your second heading).

The critique is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Article attached is the article to be used for this assignment.

The critique is at least 3 full pages of text.