As you have learned, there are many ways to study social and behavioral phenomena.  Some of the methods we use involve quantifying responses (surveys, experiments, archival research), while others involve detailed descriptions based on one on one interviews, direct observation of a group, focus groups, or even case studies.  It is important to remember that qualitative researchers attempt to describe the qualities of a behavior or an experience to capture what the behavior or experience means to the participant.   

Before you participate in this forum, be sure to read all assigned materials.  What are some ways in which a qualitative study of domestic violence would be different than a quantitative study on the same topic? What kinds of research questions are best answered by each method and why?  What kind of data would you generate if you conducted a survey rather than interviewing either abusers or survivors face to face?  Would you generate different data if you explored this issue in focus groups rather than face to face interviews or surveys? Support your analysis by citing examples of qualitative and quantitative studies of domestic violence. 

Initial post: The initial post should be at least 200 words. 

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All posts should:

1.  Advance the discussion by adding to it; should not repeat information or state the obvious.

2.  Be more than a list of points–initial posts and replies should offer an analysis of the question.  

3.  Use APA style in-text citations for all sources used in replies; provide a list of complete APA references at the end of the post.  Do not list a reference if you did not use it in the post–APA says to cite what you use; use what you cite.  Posts without citations will receive a zero. 

4.  Run the spell and grammar checker on your text.  Verify that you used neutral, objective language and made no evaluative statements (hint, look for words like wonderful, horrible, awful, etc.)